The EU Parliament to ask Spanish government for clarification about policy changes on renewable energy

The Spanish Photovoltaic Association (UNEF) appeared last Tuesday in the PETI Commission of the EU Parliament to present its petition against the retroactive policy changes implemented by the Spanish government and to ask for the mediation of the European authorities on this matter.


José Donoso, UNEF General Manager, highlighted that the retroactive policy measures implemented in Spain produced dramatic economic consequences, as demonstrated by those PV plants that saw their retribution cut up to 50% compared to the retribution that had been defined in the Official State Gazette. Moreover, he claimed that the current legislation generates a permanent policy risk, as every three or six years the Secretary of State can revise and change the variable elements of the retribution.


As far as self-consumption is concerned, Donoso claimed that in Spain its development is limited because of economic barriers, such as the sun-tax, as well as administrative barriers.


Moreover, Donoso explained that Spain is living a difficult situation, being the country with more open international arbitration processes, the majority of which initiated by European citizens. According to Donoso, “this situation highlights the current context of policy risk at European level, therefore it is not just a Spanish problem.


To conclude, Donoso asked the Directorate-General for Competition to close the investigation on the state aids to renewable energy implemented in Spain, in order to restore the image of policy stability, and suggested that a report on the actual impact of self-consumption on the Spanish system, as well as the impact of the established barriers, should be carried out.


Cecilia Wikström, the PETI Commission’s Chair, announced that the report on renewable energy will be discussed in the European Parliament plenary session on June 23rd, where the parliament will vote on the matter. For this reason, the petitions will be kept open, as asked by many members of the parliament.


Moreover, the PETI Commission will ask the new Spanish government, to be elected this Sunday June 26th, for more information and clarification on the policy changes on renewable energy and self-consumption.

The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) is the trade association of solar photovoltaic energy in Spain. It represents more than 250 companies and organizations across the value chain of technology, representing more than 85% of the sector’s activity in Spain and unifying practically all producers, installers, engineers, manufacturers of raw materials, modules and components and distributors.