The Solar Impulse plane lands in Spain

The plane, only running on solar power, completed the Atlantic part of its record bid to circle the world.

The Solar Impulse plane is littered with 17,000 photovoltaic cells. These cells have been drastically put to the test as landing in Seville marked the end of the 15th stage of Solar Impulse’s route. Previously in 2015, the plane flew eight stages from Abu Dhabi to Kalaeloa, including an outstanding four-day 21-hour leg over the western Pacific – the longest solo flight in aviation history in terms of the time it took.

The photovoltaic cells can work in two ways; they can be used to power the electric motor of the plane directly or charge its lithium-ion batteries, which are used to sustain the aircraft during the night hours.

The aim now for this incredible journey is to plan a route to Abu Dhabi, where the venture began in March, 2015.

However the initial creation of the project was not to change aviation as we know it. Instead it was a bold mission to demonstrate the sustainability of solar power as a source of energy and its possibilities.

Although, it is felt that due to this incredible solar success it is hard for anyone not to wonder what the future may hold for such an astounding revelation.