Royal IHC presents new solutions for offshore wind farm construction

IHC is expanding its extensive product portfolio with the introduction of innovative equipment for offshore wind farm installations. This includes a state-of-the-art, inter-array cable-laying vessel, and integrated jack-ups, both designed to facilitate more efficient operations.

Specialized tool for specialist operations

Based on knowledge of cable lay operations, from load-out at the cable manufacturer to burial of the cable into the seabed, IHC has designed a specialized vessel for specialist cable lay projects in Offshore wind. A lean approach in designing material flows and storage result in a right sized vessel for any project and will reduce costs for inter-array cable-laying operations by 20 to 30%.The two carousels below deck can be loaded simultaneously, which results in fast load-outs and thus saves time.

Cable storage below deck leaves plenty of deck space for an inline quadrant with a 50m track, making operations in deeper water possible. Containers to store the cable protection systems are positioned around the quadrant to ensure a safe and efficient flow of materials.

From design, to jacking system to complete jack-up vessel

IHC now offers an integrated approach to the design and build of jacking systems and complete Heavy-lift jack-up vessels, all designed with in-house components. This covers all aspects, including structural design, hydraulics, marine operations and automation, to ensure a safe and efficient jacking operation. IHC is capable of designing a complete jacking system with controls that allow for fully automated jacking and monitoring tailored to individual requirements. Because of our background in shipbuilding and ship design, we ensure you a sound integration in the jack-up vessel  Whether it is a IHC Jack-up design or a design from a third party. Besides the design approach, the scope of delivery is also flexible: from a basic design to a turnkey vessel; from its own shipyards or partner shipyards around the world, as well as separate components.

Noise mitigation technology

Another unique tool engineered to reduce costs is the noise mitigation system (NMS) from IHC IQIP, part of Royal IHC. It is the market leader for pile driving, noise reduction, and pile handling and guiding activities for the installation of monopiles, jackets and tripods at wind farms and substations. The NMS is the only proven technology for reducing noise during foundation installation. In addition, it allows for the safer and more accurate installation of monopiles.