Enercon debuts 4 MW wind turbine

According to ENERCON, the new E-126 EP4 is expected to generate an annual output of approximately 14.8 million kWh at sites with an average wind speed of 7.5 meters per second at a hub height of 135 meters. Serial production is scheduled to begin this year, and a low-wind IEC III model and a high-wind IEC class I model are scheduled to follow.

The E-126 EP4 features two-piece rotor blades that ENERCON says have aerodynamic profiles that guarantee maximum yield at minimal structural load. The blades are equipped with trailing edge serrations as part of the noise-reducing concept.


ENERCON says that the generator design also comes with significant improvements in running smoothness, efficiency and sound power levels. The overall sound power level of the new E-126 EP4 is only 105 dB(A), according to ENERCON.