Gamesa climbs two places to secure fifth place on the global wind energy

According to MAKE Consulting, Gamesa was the top-ranked manufacturer in India and Mexico for the third year in a row, and took second place in Brazil.

The company is also the leading western OEM in China, the world’s largest market.

In 2015, Gamesa bolstered its leadership in the world’s biggest wind power markets: the company ranked number one in India and Mexico, number two in Brazil and number one among western OEMs in China, according to the most recent data published by international consultancy, MAKE.

This solid positioning in emerging markets pushed the company two spots higher, from seventh to fifth place, in the global ranking of OEMs (onshore & offshore), with a market share of 5.9%, up from 4.2% in 2014. Stripping out the offshore market, Gamesa rises to fourth place, with a market share of 6.2%.

As singled out in the report itself, Gamesa was the only manufacturer to place in the top 10 in every region (EMEA, APAC and Americas), evidencing the success of its strategic geographic diversification. Gamesa has installed its turbines in 53 countries around the world; in 2015, Gamesa’s sales volumes were predominantly accounted for by India (29%), Latam (27%), Europe & RoW (18%), the US (11%) and China (13%).

Parque de Gamesa

Indeed, Gamesa consolidated its position as the leading manufacturer in India for the third year running, further increasing the gap with respect to the number-two OEM and lifting its market share from 25% in 2014 to 34% in 2015. Its leadership in this market, coupled with a strong performance in the Philippines, positioned it as the top manufacturer in APeC (Asia Pacific, excluding China). Meanwhile, in the Asian giant, Gamesa managed to establish itself as the leading non-Chinese OEM.

In Latin America, as well as commissioning facilities in Honduras, Costa Rica and Uruguay, Gamesa once again took first place in Mexico (taking more than 50% of the market), while consolidating its position as the number-two player in Brazil, where it tripled its market share from 10% in 2014 to 29% last year.

In Europe, the company ranked among the top five in countries such as Sweden, Poland and Italy, while in Africa and the Middle East, its rankings in Mauritania and Egypt, where it is market leader, stand out.

Lastly, in the US, where the company commissioned 8.6 GW in 2015, Gamesa climbed to fifth place by market share, driven by the success of its new turbine, the G114-2.0 MW, for which the order intake topped 400 MW in 2015.