Isolux Corsan energizes the first transmission line of a substation in a Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Japan

The Group has energized a the first transmission line of a Substation of  Gunma Solar Photovoltaic Plant.The installation , 22 kV/154 kV GIS, is part of a lproject of Takayama- mura Solar mega park: a solar farm of 31.2 MW in Takayama City, Gunma prefecture (Japan). The solar farm will occupy an area of 80ha belonging to an old golf course and has a budget of around €60M.


The EPC will be conducted by Isolux Engineering G.K. (Japanese branch of Isolux Ingenieria) and the customer ‘s GTS KK (Grupo T- Solar) through a SPV called Shinsen Kankyo Local System. The project is a big challenge for our company to be the first implementation of the Group in Japan and having to save the complicated terrain mountainous


The Solar Photovoltaic Plant, which second line is going to be connected to the electric grid next 17th March, will be connected to the national grid through the power company TEPCO and will begin operations next 28th October.