EDF Energies Nouvelles commissions a new generation storage system in the United States

EDF Energies Nouvelles announces the commissioning by EDF Renewable Energy, its North American subsidiary, of an innovative storage system combining battery energy storage and computerized control system. The McHenry plant is able to supply almost 20 MW in nameplate capacity (40 MW of flexible capacity) and to manage an energy reserve to stabilise the local power grid frequency.


Located in McHenry County, northern Illinois, the McHenry energy storage system consists of 11 containerized units of 1.8 MW, each equipped with lithium-ion batteries manufactured by BYD America, the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries.

Connected to the local power grid, the McHenry plant is controlled by efficient energy management software, developed by EDF Store & Forecast, a company created by teams of EDF R&D. It contributes to stabilise frequency regulation in the local electricity grid through precise and rapid management of battery, charging or discharging to provide/absorb power when there is a fall/rise in the frequency, according to grid operator instructions.

The McHenry plant provides a dynamic power reserve sold into the grid operator PJM Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) Ancilliary Services Market on a merchant basis.

Battery energy storage and its smart management provide a service that is aligned with EDF Energies Nouvelles’ core business as a renewable energy producer. It can be used to smooth locally the intermittent nature of wind and solar photovoltaic energy generation.

One year after the Toucan solar power plant (5 MWp) with storage capabilities was commissioned in French Guyana, the McHenry project represents EDF Energies Nouvelles’ second foray in the field of storage.

The Group’s subsidiary, EDF Renewable Energy, currently has 100 MW of additional storage projects in development across North America.