Wind energy in Kansas moving ahead

Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association said, “Wind energy remains quite strong. It makes sense for states to move forward.”

After Texas, Kansas has the nation’s second largest wind power potential. Now the state ranks 6th among the states in wind power capacity.

The huge wind power possibilities of Kansas was all set to help the Sunflower State along with other neighboring areas in complying with the new federal requirements to cut down on the emissions of carbon dioxide.

However, those rules are on hold, thanks to the U. S. Supreme Court. Before moving ahead some legal issues surrounding them have to be resolved. The indecision stronger after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and now it is uncertain how exactly the court will finally decide on the case.

Once upon a time, Kansas was suing the Obama administration related to the rules and over designing a plan to fulfill them but presently, some of the state lawmakers are making an effort to freeze the work.

In the mean time, the utility companies along with the electric power grid operators who are serving the state carry on expanding wind power not considering what will happen to the rules, mainly owing to extension of a federal tax credit.