Wind power in Germany: Nordex gains market shares

In 2015, the Nordex Group outdid its previous installation record in Germany. Bucking the trend in the sector, the manufacturer increased the number of wind turbine installations to 437 megawatts (2014: 412 MW). This means the company improved its market share from 8.7 to almost 12 percent. In international terms too, Nordex stepped up its output to around 1,700 MW (2014: 1,490 MW). According to information provided by the relevant associations, in 2015, newly installed capacity in the onshore wind segment in Germany stood at a good 3,730 MW.


In some areas, Nordex even lead the field; a fact which can be attributed in particular to the strong range of products the manufacturer offers for light-wind regions. In Bavaria, for example, the fifth-largest wind market in Germany, Nordex achieved a share of some 50 percent. There the manufacturer connected 80 N117/2400 turbines to the grid. With an above-average specific rating of 223 W/m² (average 2015: 326 W/m²) the N117/2400 generates a very good yield even at IEC-3 sites, and has been one of the top-selling Nordex turbines for a number of years now.

At the end of the year, the company launched the N131/3300, an even further optimised light-wind turbine, which follows in the tradition of the N117/2400 and represents a consistent continuation of this technical development. Nordex installed the first turbine of this type in Brandenburg, where last year the manufacturer also achieved a good market position with a share of almost 20 percent.

In spite of the expected flattening of demand in Germany, Nordex projects further growth for its sales in the domestic market. “Our order backlog has once again increased dramatically in recent months. For 2016, we therefore expect a significant increase of installations,” says Siegbert Pump, Head of Sales Nordex Germany.

As one of the technological leaders in multi-megawatt wind power systems, Nordex is benefiting from the trend in favour of large-scale turbines. The Generation Gamma range comprises the N90/2500, N100/2500 and the N117/2400, which is one of the most efficient series turbines for non-coastal regions. To date, over 3,600 of these turbines have been produced. With Generation Delta, Nordex is now offering the fourth generation of its proven multi-megawatt platform (N100/3300, N117/3000, N131/3000 as well as the N131/3000 for the German market). Nordex has installed around 7,000 turbines with an aggregate capacity of over 12,000 MW all around the world. With exports accounting for around 70 percent of its business, Nordex SE also plays a key role in international high-growth regions. The Company has offices and subsidiaries in more than 20 countries around the world The Group currently has more than 3,000 employees around the world.