Wind energy in Nambia: MoU with InnoSun for a 150 to 500 MW wind farm

French wind energy company Innovent, stated that through its subsidiary InnoSun, it plans to construct a 150 to 500MW  wind farm in Tsau//Khaeb national park, located in the south-west of Namibia.


The Namibian environmental commissioner, Theofilus Nghitila expressed his support for the development, stating that the move is an indication to the world that the country has a potential for renewable energy, reported the Namibian.

“Namibia has the best wind regime in the world, which is unexploited for energy generation. We expect the signing ceremony to open a new era for Namibia for the private sector to tap into this potential to the fullest. This energy resource needs to be exploited like diamonds,” he said.

InnoSun issued an invitation for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the wind energy company and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, expected to take place today on the side lines of the UN Climate Change Conference underway in France.

“This MoU is the first step to allocate approximately 8 800 hectares to InnoWind for the implementation of a 150 to 500 MW wind farm in the Namib, one of the windiest places in the world,” the invitation  said.

Namibia target to meet 90% of energy related needs

According to Nghitila, Namibia has set a target to meet 90% of energy related needs by 2030 through the utilisation of renewable energy.

He said that the target set by the year 2030 will be dependent on the availability of financial resources which are be provided by developed countries, the Global Environment Fund and the private sector.

In May this year, Innosun successfully installed its first 4.5MW solar power plant in Namibia, selling the generated power to state utility NamPower under a PPA of 25 years.