India Releases National Offshore Wind Energy Policy

Consequent to the approval of Cabinet dated 9 September, 2015 on National Offshore Wind Energy Policy, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has released the National Offshore Wind Energy Policy.


The policy has authorized the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) to conduct the auction.

Oil & gas exploration firms, sea-bed mining firms and others who have existing leases on offshore blocks can participate in installation of wind farms on their existing acreages. However, such lease holders would need to route their proposals through NIWE, which will be nodal agency for development of offshore wind energy.

The blocks will be leased out through an international competitive bidding mechanism which is yet to be finalised. NIWE will also be the sole facilitator for obtaining clearances and no-objection certificates for such offshore blocks.

NIWE will enter into contract with the successful bidder/the developer of offshore wind energy power project and collect lease fee from the developer during survey, construction and operation phases.

Download National Offshore Wind Energy Policy