Offshore High Voltage Stations successfully installed at the Gemini Wind Farm

Van Oord has successfully installed the two Offshore High Voltage Stations (OHVS) and first 77 transition pieces at the Dutch Gemini Wind Park. The realisation of the large offshore wind project construction is proceeding as planned.

The OHVS installations were built in Hoboken, Belgium, and transported to Eemshaven. Deploying a heavy lift vessel, the 2,500-tonne platforms were installed in their final location at the wind farm. The OHVS platforms convert the energy generated to 220V. The platforms are connected to the Dutch power grid via export cables.

Construction of the wind park is in full swing. This year two ships including Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel Aeolus will install the remaining 73 foundations for the project. The wind turbines will be installed in the spring of 2016.

Other vessels in the Van Oord fleet are also playing an important role in the construction of the wind park 85 km off the coast of Groningen. The cable-laying vessel Nexus is installing two export cables, each measuring 100 km. These will be buried in the seabed by the Jan Steen, a multi-purpose vessel fitted with a larger subsea trencher. The cable-laying vessel HAM 602 will install the cables between the foundations and the OHVSs and then the Jan Steen will bury them with the trencher.