Wind power in Turkey: Nordex wind turbines for a wind farm

Nordex strengthens again its role in Turkey. It will be installing 19 Generation Gamma wind turbines N117/2400 for its new customer ARE Elektrik in the wind farm “Kurtkayasi”. For ARE Elektrik this is the first wind energy project. Since its foundation in 2009 the company has so far concentrated on hydroelectric power plants.

Kurtkayasi is located in the province of Kayseri in Central Anatolia, near the city of Yayhali. With average wind speeds of around 6.9 m/s the site offers good conditions: with the planned tower height of 91 metres, the Nordex turbines are expected to generate 148,000 MWh a year, corresponding a capacity factor of more than 37 per cent. Thus, the wind farm will provide energy for about 42,000 households.

„Kurtkayasi“ is the second project, Nordex implements in this region within the ongoing year. In Central Anatolia Nordex is installing another 22 turbines of the N117/2400 for the  wind farm „Yayhali“.

An additinal new project is for the customer Suay Enerji Üretim A.S.. Nordex is installing the wind farm Abduk on the Aegean coast also utilizing four N117/2400 turbines due to the prevailing average wind speeds of 6.6 m/s at the site.

 “Once again, the contracts underscore the importance which the Turkish market has for Nordex. As the rotor blades, anchor cages and towers are produced locally, our Turkish customers are able to achieve a higher feed-in tariff,” explains Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, CEO of Nordex SE.