Wind energy in Brazil: Acciona Windpower opens wind turbine factory in Bahia

Acciona Windpower, the wind division of Spain’s Acciona, opened today its 300-MW wind turbine factory in the Brazilian state of Bahia.


Capable of producing 100 pieces of 3-MW wind turbines per year in the city of Simoes Filho, the plant can double its production if needed, Acciona Windpower president, Jose Luis Blanco, was quoted as saying.

The Brazilian market brings 40% of Acciona’s global sales of the AW 3000 wind turbine. In total, by the end of 2017, the company an order backlog of about BRL 3.35 billion (USD 1.1bn/ EUR 987m).

So far, the company has secured wind orders in Brazil amounting to 1,020 MW. Of these 210 MW are already operational and 201 MW are under construction or manufacturing.

Acciona estimates that has already invested BRL 60 million in Brazil.

Over the past couple of years, Brazil increased the local-content requirements for wind projects to stimulate domestic manufacturing. Thus wind turbine makers with local capacity have advantage.