Wind power in Philippines: Guimaras wind farm with 20 more wind turbines

Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corporation (TAREC) will soon increase the power capacity of its San Lorenzo wind project in the province of Guimaras to 40 megawatts adding 20 more wind turbines.

Director Ro-Ann Bacal of the National Economic Development Authority 6 said the additional 20 wind mills will be installed in Sibunag town.


The San Lorenzo wind farm formally began operations with its 27 wind turbines each generating 2 MW in December last year. The wind farm spans 14 kilometers across four barangays in the municipality of San Lorenzo.

Bacal said with the establishment of this renewable project, Guimaras is now in a position to sell its extra power to Panay Island. In fact, she said TAREC has initiated the upgrading of the under water cable which will transmit the extra power to Iloilo City.

In her message, during the grand opening program of the 2015 Manggahan Festival on Monday, May 11, Bacal also noted the significant contribution of the wind mills in the tourism sector of the province.

“The windmills are boost to Guimaras tourism sector. Already, a number of businessmen have started planning to construct resorts and hotels in anticipation of the influx of visitors,” said Bacal.

According to Bacal local and foreign tourists need not go to Bangui windmills in Ilocos Norte to see and appreciate what windmills look like for real.

She also told Guimarasnons that it is time to plan and make sure that all will benefit from the island’s progress. That the development of the province is inclusive and everybody feels that they benefit as well.

As more and more people visit the island, Bacal urged Guimarasnons to be ready to give the best that its island can offer to visitors other than its famous sweet mangoes.