Los Vientos III Windpower Project achieving operation with 100 Vestas 2 MW wind turbines

Duke Energy Renewables has completed the 200 MW Los Vientos III wind farm, located in Starr County, Texas.

The wind farm – powered by 100 Vestas 2 MW wind turbines – is located approximately 100 miles west of Brownsville near Rio Grande City. Wanzek Construction  – with Amshore U.S. Wind providing development support – built the project.

Austin Energy has agreed to purchase all of the output and associated renewable energy credits from the project.
In addition, Duke says that Los Vientos IV and Los Vientos V are currently under construction in the same vicinity. Austin Energy is also expected to purchase the output of the 200 MW Los Vientos IV wind farm under construction in Starr County, with an expected completion date in 2016.

“The Los Vientos III Windpower Project achieving commercial operation represents a significant milestone for Duke Energy Renewables, as we now have more than 2,000 MW of renewable energy in production,” explains Greg Wolf, president of Duke Energy Renewables. “And, as the third project we’ve completed for Austin Energy, it also signifies a productive and successful partnership, as we continue to help this progressive customer grow its renewable portfolio.”