Wind energy in Mexico: Acciona Windpower will supply 129 MW of wind turbines for a wind farm

Acciona Windpower, the Acciona Group subsidiary that  designs, manufactures and markets wind turbines, will supply 43 three-megawatt  turbines – a total of 129 MW – to a renewable energy sector company for a wind  farm in Mexico.

With this contract, ACCIONA Windpower has now sold  988.5 MW in Mexico, of which 38% correspond to its 3-megawatt turbine.

The model selected for  this contract is the AW125/3000 (rotor diameter 125 meters), designed to  optimize the capture of energy on sites with medium-speed winds.  The turbines will be mounted on steel towers.

“We are very pleased to continue increasing  our order portfolio in Mexico with new customers, and this confirms the growing  interest of the wind power sector in our AW 3000 turbine”, says ACCIONA  Windpower Chief Executive José Luis Blanco.

The company is currently supplying Mexican customers  with 3 MW turbines totaling 252 MW for two wind farms in Nuevo León, and has  another order for 1.5 MW machines for a 49.5 MW facility in Oaxaca. Previously,  AWP produced 556.5 MW for ACCIONA projects and 1.5 MW for a CFE installation.

The new contract means that ACCIONA Windpower has an  order book for 6,525 MW, of which 2,412 MW (37%) are for its 3 MW turbine.