Wind energy in Peru: Enel Green Power wind farm with 18 wind turbines

Enel Green Power announced its intention to build a wind farm in the province of Huaura (Region Lima), which called Pampa Wind Farm Salinas, whose construction investment is estimated at US $ 75 million.


The wind farm aims to increase the supply of electricity generation through the sustainable use of a source of non-conventional renewable energy (wind power). To do this, the construction and operation of a wind power installed capacity of 36 megawatts and a transmission line 14 kilometers to the energy generated is injected into national electricity grid is contemplated.
At present, the wind farm is at feasibility level (based on the availability of resources to carry out goals or targets set).
Pampa Salinas is considered to have a useful life of 25 years and recruitment activities labor, operation and maintenance of wind turbines and equipment, operation and maintenance of power transmission line are defined. The estimated construction time is 12 months. The temporary concession where the wind turbines will be installed, electrical and other components substation covers an area of ??260 hectares. The project is near Quimpac concessions.
It is estimated that the annual operation during the operation requires US $ 2 million. The estimated cost for decommissioning or closure of the project is $ 35 million.