Russia and China are jointly exploring the potential of installing up to 50 GW of wind power

Ministry of Energy plans to build in the Far East to 50 GW of wind power (13% of the power of the world market) sound very ambitious, says the head of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry Igor Bryzgunov.


State Grid Company of China» (HES) has confirmed interest in the giant energy projects in Russia. «Inter RAO» and HES chose to export Erkovetskoy TPP maximum capacity of eight gigawatts — it could become the largest in the Russian Federation. With coal production capacity of 35 million tons per year and power lines in the center of China project is estimated at $ 15 billion. In addition, the SEC is ready to explore the possibility of creating in Russia unprecedented in the world wind power capacity to 50 GW. However, some market participants questioned the feasibility of the project, informs «Pacific Russia».

On Friday, CEO of HES China Shu Inbyao reported that power Erkovetskoy TPP, which is going to build a «Inter RAO» and HES in the Amur region counting on exports to China, determined at the highest level — eight gigawatts. TPP could become the largest power plants in Russia. «Now we are discussing the construction of infrastructure in the context of Erkovetskom mining 35 million tons of coal a year», — said Mr. Shu. TES onboard deposit will transmit electricity at 800 kV transmission line length of two thousand. Km, which crosses the border near the city of Heihe. As the source said, «Kommersant», the power of eight GW selected on the basis of a preliminary feasibility study, completed in late 2014.

Preliminary assessment of investment in all components of the project — coal mining, construction of thermal power plants and transmission lines — $ 15 billion, said Shu Inbyao. The parties have not yet agreed on the distribution of shares in the project can enter the new investors. China gives a guarantee of purchase of power, says a source, «Kommersant», the price will include the investment component. A source close to «Rosset», said that now is not yet discussed the issue of the Russian part of the control (80 km) transmission line.

HES studies and the opportunity to participate in another superproject in Russia. On Friday, Minister of Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that in the north of the Far East can be built up to 50 GW of wind power. It’s about cooperation, «Russian Energy Agency» (CEA, under the control of the Ministry of Energy) with HES — parties in September 2014 agreed to study study for construction of wind power. The project also includes ultra-high voltage power transmission lines in China. «We are studying this project», — confirmed yesterday Inbyao Shu, adding that the company has already examined the site for a wind farm.

CEA deputy director Igor Kozhukhovskiy told «Kommersant» that the parties are looking for a suitable place in remote areas, are considered sites in the Khabarovsk Territory, Primorye, Sakhalin. The wind farm has to be combined with HPS or TPP, to compensate for uneven production, he said. Reviewed and domestic electricity consumers, added Mr. Kozhukhovskiy. He said that China is the leader in wind power generation capacity (100 GW), local companies have the equipment for wind farms, which can be localized in Russia, as well as ultra-high voltage power transmission technology. By the end of the year should be understandable amount of investment and economic feasibility of the project — whether at the level of export prices in Beijing or not, said a top manager.

In «RAO ES of the East» (until 2016 wants to build a 17 MW wind power in Kamchatka) and «System Operator» it does not comment on because they do not participate in the project. In 2013, the selection of projects for wind power generation wholesale power limiting capital expenditures amounted to 65.6 thousand. Rub. per kW; with such an expenditure of 50 GW will cost 3.28 trillion rubles. Industry investors have repeatedly complained that the level of CAPEX does not reflect the cost of equipment and lending rates.

This is an expensive and ambitious project, but it is realistic given the pace of growth of wind power in China, according to deputy director of HC «Composite» (produces components of wind turbines) Dmitry Zhurba. In world practice there are examples of export development of wind farms: in Denmark there were situations when wind generation exceeds demand in the country, he said. But another source «Kommersanta» the market does not believe in the feasibility of the project: for load balancing need powerful storage and backup power in isolated systems may not be. At the same time, he adds, if the complex to attach to the Unified Energy System of Russia, it destroyed the traditional market of generation, as it happened in Europe, and the stability of the system decreases.