ACCIONA Windpower extends its AW3000 platform with the largest rotor designed by the company (132 m) for low wind sites

Acciona to supply 39 Wind Turbines for Rio Energy wind energy plant

Acciona SA, Spain’s second-largest clean-energy company, will supply 39 wind turbines to renewable-energy developer Rio Energy for a Brazilian wind farm.



ACCIONA Windpower (AWP), the ACCIONA Group subsidiary that designs, manufactures and sells wind turbines, ended the 2014 financial year with 2,088 MW of accumulated sales of its AW3000 turbine, following the signature of a supply contract for 117 MW with the Brazilian company Rio Energy. Global sales of ACCIONA Windpower 3 MW turbines reached 861 MW in 2014, i.e. 41% of the aggregate sales of this machine.

The contract with Rio Energy is for the supply of thirty-nine 3 MW turbines for the Itarema IV, VI, VII, VIII and IX wind power complex planned in the state of Ceará. This level of production was awarded to the company in the A-3 auction in 2014. Thirty-eight of the turbines will have a 125-meter rotor diameter while the other one will have a 116-meter rotor. The turbines will be installed on concrete towers with a hub height of 120 and 100 meters, as required. The supply of turbines for these wind farms will begin in July 2015.

The order is the second one ACCIONA Windpower has signed with Rio Energy. It had previously signed a contract for the sale of thirty AW3000 turbines (90 MW) with the same company for the Itarema I, II, III and V wind farms, awarded in the Leilao A-3 auction in 2013.

The new agreement, signed in December 2014, takes ACCIONA Windpower’s sales in Brazil to 825 MW, almost 40% of the overall sales of its AW3000 wind turbine.

Since 2012 ACCIONA has signed eight contracts for the supply of wind turbines in Brazil. Together with agreements for the operation and maintenance associated to most of them, they account for around 3.2 billion reais (more than 1 billion euros).

ACCIONA Windpower already has a nacelle assembly facility and a hub production plant in Brazil, in the state of Bahia, and a concrete tower production plant in Rio Grande do Norte. It also purchases other main wind turbine components in the country.