30 MW “Fair Wind” wind farm to be connected to the grid in autumn 2015

Nordex SE has been awarded another contract for the delivery and commissioning of wind turbines for a wind power project in the United States.

The project entails twelve N100/2500 wind turbines, which will be installed by September 2015. As well as this, Nordex will be providing premium service for the wind farm for a 20-year period. The project has already been qualified under the production tax credit scheme, which was renewed at the end of 2014.

The customer is Fair Wind Power Partners, a subsidiary of the utility Exelon Wind, LLC. Nordex recently commissioned the Four Mile Ridge wind project in western Maryland, which comprises 16 N90/2500 turbines, for Exelon.

The new project is also located in western Maryland. The site in Garrett County is characterized by good wind speeds of over 8 m/s. Specially designed for such conditions, the turbines achieve an above-average capacity factor of some 39 percent. In addition, they are fitted with an additional package to accommodate what at times can be the extremely low temperatures in this region.