Témiscouata I community wind farm with Enercon wind turbines

Boralex Inc. (“Boralex”) and Témiscouata Regional County Municipality (“RCM”) are pleased to announce commercial commissioning of the first 23.5 MW from the Témiscouata wind farms within the projected time frame.



“The Témiscouata I community wind power project is promising from both an environmental and economic perspective. To date, the two wind farms under construction have generated more than $6 million in direct economic spin-offs in Témiscouata as well as a host of indirect benefits,” noted Témiscouata RCM Warden Guylaine Sirois. “The wind farms will bring in steady revenues for the next 20 years that will help support our municipalities and economic development in our region,” she continued.

“After many years of solid work by the RCM and Boralex teams, we are proud that the first 10 turbines are supplying green energy to Québec’s power grid. Concluding now this important step is proof that we are working, for our first municipal project, with quality partners, and we look forward with confidence to continuing a long-term relationship with them to operate and develop the site,” stated Boralex President and CEO Patrick Lemaire.

We would like to highlight the vital contribution of many actors in completing the 23.5 MW community phase of the Témiscouata wind farms on schedule to the commissioning date: Hamel Construction, the contractor responsible for construction of the roads and the collector systems, Electro-Saguenay, the contractor responsible for the substation; Enercon, the maker of the 10 wind turbines; the elected officials of the region and a large number of local enterprises. Boralex and Témiscouata RCM also wish to recognize the quality of the team work and skill of the crews.

Work on the Témiscouata II wind farm, with a capacity of 51.7 MW, is also progressing well, with the roads and the foundations completed on target to the initial schedule. Commissioning of the additional MW is slated for late 2015.

Highlights of the Témiscouata I community wind power project:

  • More than 225,000 hours of work were needed to erect the 10 Enercon wind turbines
  • 200 workers were involved, 40% of whom live in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Témiscouata region
  • 6 to 8 jobs created to operate the Témiscouata I and II wind farms
  • $65 million in investments, of which 60% in Québec and $15 million in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Témiscouata region
  • More than 30 local businesses in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Témiscouata region took part in the construction

The Témiscouata wind farms, with a total contracted capacity of 75.2 MW, consist of the 23.5 MW community wind farm (Témiscouata I), a partnership project between Témiscouata RCM and Boralex, commissioned in December 2014, and the 51.7 MW Témiscouata II wind power project, to be commissioned in late 2015.