Energy Storage for Grid System Industry in China 2014-2017

China Energy Storage for Grid System Industry Report 2014-2017 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.

Energy storage has a wide range of applications in electric power system involving all aspects of power generation transmission distribution and end user.

The energy storage technologies for grid system include pumped storage compressed air flywheel chemical battery super capacitor etc.

Except the relatively mature pumped storage others are still at the early stage of industrialization or under research.

However all governments have been virtually aware of the importance of energy storage industry hence a desperate need for development of energy storage.

To create a clean sustainable future the Chinese government is shifting its focus in policy to clean energy technology. As of the end of 2013 China’s total installed capacity of power generation had reached 1250GW which contained 91.4GW of wind power (accounting for 7.3%) the third power source in China following thermal power and hydropower. Meanwhile China had seen a photovoltaic (PV) power generation installed capacity of 18.1GW (representing 1.5%) overtaking the United States as the world’s largest photovoltaic market.

As the installed power generation capacity grows rapidly the demand for energy storage in China is increasingly expanding. In 2013 the installed capacity of pumped storage in China totaled 21.5GW in contrast to 65MW for other technologies; while the demand for energy storage for peak-load regulation of power grid was 95GW and expected to rise to 110GW in 2014 reflecting a great development potential. In addition an integrated grid of wind power and PV power will generate a considerable demand for energy storage at 5.6GW and 3.8GW respectively in 2014.

There are various kinds of energy storage technologies for grid system with China for example primarily adopting lithium batteries lead-acid batteries and flow technology (excluding pumped storage) which held respective proportions of 60% 20% and 14% in 2013.

As of the end of August 2014 there had been scores of energy storage enterprises in China. Among them China Aviation Lithium Battery Co. Ltd. and SUNWODA Electronics Co. Ltd. employ lithium battery energy storage technology; Narada Power Source Co. Ltd. and Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co. ltd. adopt lead-acid battery technology; Dalian Rongke Power Co. Ltd and Prudent Energy Inc. depend on flow technology; Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd. and Sieyuan Electric Co. Ltd. resort to sodium-sulfur energy storage technology.

China Energy Storage for Grid System Industry Report 2014-2017 is mainly concerned with the followings:
-Development environment trends etc. of energy storage for grid system in China;
-Current situation and prediction of energy storage for grid system in China by market size competitive landscape and applications;
-Operation and technical route of 21 major energy storage manufacturers in China and worldwide including Alstom Narada Shanghai Electric and Rongke Power etc.

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