Chevy Volt achieves a milestone in Electric Vehicle technology

The 2014 Chevy Volt in Eau Claire, Wisconsin has done a lot for General Motors. Its done even more for those that bought it, apparently.

General Motors has recently announced that Chevy Volt owners have driven over half a billion miles on the Volts EV battery. With several Volts arriving at Osseo Auto, drivers in southern Wisconsin now have the opportunity to drive one of the most interesting alternative fuel vehicles on the road.

Unlike EV’s, or electric vehicles, that rely solely on a rechargeable battery to run an electric motor, or a hybrid vehicle that supplements its gasoline engine with an electric motor to achieve higher fuel efficiency, the 2014 Chevy Volt in Eau Claire, Wisc. uses an electric motor. It uses that motor until its battery is depleted below 70 percent, or after about 35 miles or more.

Once the battery is that low, the Volt switches to its gasoline engine and runs on that making it the perfect commuter car. GM wanted to provide consumers with an EV vehicle that can get them on short trips back and forth to work using only a battery, yet have the capability to drive further if needed, eliminating the range issues with other EV vehicles.
It all seems to be working according to GM’s executive director Larry Nitz. He announced that the typical Volt owner goes 970 miles between fill-ups of gasoline. 90 percent of all trips were only running on the Volt’s electric motor. And addressing one of the biggest concerns of EV detractors, that the battery would degrade and not be able to continue to produce the same range after 30 months, Nitz said that many owners still experienced a range of 35 miles after 30 months, with some even achieving more than 40.
With the 2015 Chevy Volt beginning production, GM is remaining tight lipped on what the new model year will bring, but with so many owners happy with the 2014 Chevy Volt in Eau Claire, Wisc, any improvements can only make a good car better.