PluggedSolar Launches Its Solar Power Plug-in Kits to Power Electric Vehicles – Chevrolet Volt, Tesla, Nissan Leaf and Others

PluggedSolar 1.7 KW charges Electric Vehicle Volt with its daily production of 9 KW-H of electricity. The electric car runs 40 miles with this solar electricity.

Electric Vehicle Chevy Volt takes about 9 kilowatt hours of electricity to completely charge it’s electric storage battery. It runs for about 40 miles on this charge. One of the user of PluggedSolar 1.7 kilowatt system reports that he is able to make his electric car run completely on solar energy. He uses the car for regular drive to the office and local trips. The daily driving distance is about 30 to 40 miles that corresponds to average driving distance of 11,000 to 15,000 miles per year.

PluggedSolar uses a breakthrough technology to allow for solar panels to be simply plugged into the household electric plug socket while following the local utility requirements of interconnection with the grid power. The Plugged Solar Kit is designed as a ‘do it yourself (DIY)’ installation. It cuts the cost of solar energy in half and consequently makes solar electricity cheaper than what we get from the conventional environmentally damaging electricity. The homeowners can use their weekend time to install it themselves or may call a local handy-person to do the work. Normally it takes a day to install this system.

It is hoped for the future that all of the cars would run solely on solar energy produced by systems like PluggedSolar and its storage system, the Plug-In Power Backup. The table on the right shows that this is enough to drive an electric car for an entire year. Based on data, the electric consumptions of the 2013 models of electric cars are calculated in the table.

The company is a USA based multinational solar power corporation that focuses on appropriate innovative renewable energy products with an aim to solve energy and environment issues of the world. Its major product, PluggedSolar,™ Plug-in products are DIY kits those typically install in one day. It plugs into the regular wall socket as one plugs any appliance or the 240V socket. The DIY kit is pre-configured and pre-wired system that reduces the cost of solar, making the installation simple, saving the homeowners more than half of the typical solar installation cost.