EDF inaugurates Teesside Offshore Wind Farm in the UK

EDF has demonstrated its commitment to invest to meet Britain’s energy needs by inaugurating two new electricity generating sites.

Both projects are examples of the company’s investment in the diverse energy mix needed to give the UK the reliable, secure, low carbon electricity it needs for the future.

The West Burton Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Station and the Teesside Offshore Wind Farm were both officially opened today (April 16) by the Energy Minister Michael Fallon MP and the Chairman and CEO of EDF Group, Henri Proglio.

EDF Energy Renewables’ Teesside Offshore Wind Farm near Redcar is the first offshore windfarm where the development, engineering and construction have been entirely led by EDF Group companies. Its 27 turbines can produce 62MW of electricity, enough to supply all the homes in Redcar, Marske and Saltburn. EDF Energy Renewables operates wind turbines with a capacity of 462MW and has 1,500MW of projects in development.

The power station at West Burton in Nottinghamshire is EDF Group’s largest single capital investment project in the UK so far and has a capacity of 1,300 MW, enough electricity to supply 1.5m homes.

West Burton gas power station is designed to be an integral part of a balanced energy mix, which can flexibly generate electricity when needed, in conjunction with low carbon energy generation like nuclear power and renewables. To contribute to this mix, EDF Energy has invested around £3.5bn in the UK over the past three years.

These investments include:

  • Extending the lives of its 15 existing nuclear reactors so they can safely continue to produce low carbon electricity for longer
  • Preparing for the first new nuclear power station in a generation at Hinkley Point C.
  • Building new gas storage facilities Hilltop Farm, Cheshire
  • Keeping its two coal power stations in operation to help keep the lights on until new forms of low carbon energy are ready to take their place.

Minister for Energy Michael Fallon MP said: “Opening two new energy generating projects is proof that the UK is a strong focus for new energy investment, and the best place in the world to invest in offshore wind. These projects will create hundreds of local jobs in the North East and Nottinghamshire, boosting long-term growth. The home-grown energy they produce will also help to reduce our reliance on expensive imports.”

Chairman and CEO of EDF Group Henri Proglio said: “EDF is a major investor in the UK. Teesside and West Burton are examples of the scale and diversity of our commitment to Britain, our second largest market after France. Meanwhile the European Commission is continuing its process to examine plans for the first new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. These projects, alongside our other plans, demonstrate our long term commitment to investing in new, low carbon electricity generation in the UK, and contributing to a diverse energy mix.”

EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz said: “Our investments in West Burton and Teesside have helped build the UK’s industrial strength. They have also had a wider economic and social impact in supporting the UK’s supply chain. Our skilled, expert engineers, who are dedicated to running plants safely and efficiently, will become increasingly important for the country as we move from our existing generation mix to a low carbon energy future. Companies like EDF Energy, which generate and supply, are best placed to meet customers’ needs for clean, reliable power at a fair price.

“EDF Energy is already a major employer in both the North East and in Nottinghamshire, at our nuclear and coal power stations as well as our customer service centres. These two new investments have created many more jobs in both regions and will also develop skills and capabilities crucial to supporting the UK’s energy infrastructure for decades to come.”

Today’s openings bolster EDF Energy’s presence in both regions. In the North East Hartlepool nuclear power station employs more than 600 people and the customer contact centre at Doxford Park in Sunderland employs 1,700 staff. In Nottinghamshire, West Burton CCGT is adjacent to the West Burton A coal fired power station and close to the Cottam coal power station. Both are operated by EDF Energy and together they employ more than 500 people.