Saint Kitts and Nevis Committed to Renewable Energy

The government of Saint Kitts and Nevis committed itself to the development of renewable energy due to the constant high cost of oil imported to the generation of electricity, assured Prime Minister Denzil Douglas. During the weekly radio program, the leader recognized that is unsustainable the dependence of importation from oil derivate products.

Late last week Douglas, along to the Energy Minister, Earl Asim Martin hold a conversation related to the initiative of Climate Change to work for the reduction of cost of electricity and energy in the East of the Archipelago.

The Prime Minister clarified that to gain progress in that initiative a group of experts will review the perspectives of wind energy in the country, besides moving forward in the project of geothermal energy in Saint Kitts and Nevis island, in project for several years.

With the implementation of strategies for the use of green energy, which is cheaper, the cost will be more sustainable and this will have a positive impact in consumers, said Douglas.

He emphasized that these new plans will help this territory to move away fossil fuel and gain projects of renewable energy in schools and hospitals.

In that sense assured that green energy is the Caribbean destination and called the countries of the area to step up the use of renewable sources of electricity.