ENERCON announces E-82 and E-101 wind turbines for strong wind farm sites

ENERCON is adding two more options for strong wind locations to its line of wind energy converters. In future the product range will include a Wind Class I version of both the E-82 and the E-101 series. Thisannouncement was made at the event of the Hanover Fair (7-11 April) – the world‘s largest industrial fair where both new machines are being presented.

The E-82 for strong wind sites will be available with a rated power of 2.35 MW. Optimised for full load and extremely cost-effective, this new addition to the series complements ENERCON‘s 2 MW range of machines of which more than 12,000 have already been installed. The rated power of the corresponding E-101 WECs will be the same as the other machines in this category (3.05 MW) which until now were only available as Wind Class II versions that have already chalked up more than 1 GW of installed capacity.

ENERCON are experts in strong wind WECs. Their Wind Class I series includes machines ranging from the E-44 to the E-70 all the way up to the world‘s most powerful onshore wind turbine, the E-126. Based on ENERCON‘s long term experience in the field of strong wind machines and the knowledge gained from E-82 and E-101 operation worldwide, the base machines were optimised to fulfil Wind Class I criteria. For both series, ENERCON guarantees technical availability of up to 97% with the respective EPK contract.

In addition to various tower and foundation versions, both strong wind series are available with four different grid connection configurations which enable safe and secure connection to the grid in all ENERCON target markets in accordance with the local grid codes. Both series are also available with cold or hot climate features. Furthermore, the series also include the ENERCON storm control feature, the ENERCON SCADA system as well as various operating modes.

«With the new strong wind versions, ENERCON is responding to customer demand in international target markets. We want to be able to offer our customers the best ENERCON technology to meet the requirements of their wind energy projects,» says ENERCON Sales Director, Stefan Lütkemeyer. The strong wind versions of the E-82 and E-101 are primarily destined for export markets. The two machines are expected to be available in series at the beginning of 2015 (E-82) and 2016 (E-101).