Assembly of solar receiver begins at Khi Solar One Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in South Africa

CMI Energy won this thermal-solar boiler order in 2012 with the Spanish company Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Abengoa Solar.

Operations for assembling the thermo-solar receiverCMI Energy delivers to the Khi Solar One power plant in Upington (South Africa) began in early March. The West Cavity high-pressure drum (100 tons) and part of its support floor (50 tons) were raised to the top of the 200 meters high tower at the 50 MWe plant.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) company Abengoa Solar. Parallel to the realization of this project, CMI Energy continues work on its technological development. It has optimized the design of its thermo-solar receivers, adapting them for power plants of greater capacity (up to 400 MWe).


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