Gamesa attends EWEA 2014 showcasing the technological evolution of its 2.0-2.5 MW and 5.0 MW platforms

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, is presenting at the EWEA trade fair for the twelfth year running. This year it is showcasing how its product portfolio has developed and evolved with the aim of offering competitive technology solutions that lower its end customers’ Cost of Energy (CoE).

EWEA 2014 is the European sector’s most important trade fair in Europe. This year it is taking place in Barcelona between 10 and 13 March and is organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

Gamesa provides an overview of its evolving technology by showcasing its broad range of platforms and turbines: the Gamesa 850 kW, the Gamesa 2.0-2.5 MW and the Gamesa 5.0 MW, the latter now available in onshore and offshore format. The new G114-2.0 MW and G128-5.0 MW stand out among this year’s offering.

The company is also presenting its suite of operations and maintenance services, such as the Overhaul, Life Extension and Energy Thrust programs, designed to reduce overall operating costs and make wind farms more efficient.

Gamesa is also participating in the conference’s seminar cycle. Notably, Xabier Etxeberria, Gamesa’s Executive General Manager, is participating in the industry leader’s debate, which asks What are you doing to get back to business? Other Gamesa executives will speak at other seminars dealing with topics such as aerodynamics and rotor design, advanced control concepts, turbine life extension, grid connections and drive train technology, among others.

Gamesa G114-2.0 MW, high performance

The Gamesa G114-2.0 MW wind turbine is a standard-bearer in the sector thanks to its low power density and contributes to significantly cutting the cost of energy of the products designed for medium and low wind speed sites.

With a rotor spanning 114 metres, the new turbine’s swept area is 38% greater than that of the G97-2.0 MW and it produces up to 20% more energy a year. The G114-2.0 MW wind turbine, designed to maximise the performance of turbines installed in less windy sites, is part of the company’s 2.0-2.5 MW platform, whose track record encompasses the installation of more than 16.5 GW worldwide and an availability record of over 98%.

Gamesa G128-5.0 MW, power and innovation onshore and offshore

The 5 MW platform, one of the most powerful in the onshore market, has positioned Gamesa as one of the leading technology players in the multi-megawatt segment. The G128-5.0 MW turbine evolves from the 4.5 MW platform and caters to the most complex wind farm developments in terms of competitiveness and cost of energy. Its innovative modular design and technology ensure reliability while complying with the most stringent international grid-connection codes and environmental standards.

Gamesa has developed the G128-5.0 MW Offshore, the company’s debut offshore turbine, by leveraging the 5.0-MW platform’s proven and validated technology and the know-how and track record built up in the field. This turbine is designed with redundant modules, guaranteeing reliable performance and an optimum cost of energy. The first prototype, already generating power off the Canary Islands coast, with a 128m diameter rotor, a total height of 154m and 62.5m-long blades, will produce enough power to supply 5,000 households every year.

Gamesa Services: Life Extension

The experience built up maintaining almost 20,000 MW of capacity all around the world underpins the wind turbine life-extension program, a package of design improvements conceived of to increase the useful lives, efficiency and performance attributes of WTGs made by Gamesa and also by other manufacturers, thereby guaranteeing the equipment’s safety and availability, enabling control over O&M costs and lowering the cost of energy (CoE). In order to provide greater insight into the benefits of its Life Extension program, Gamesa has organised a Life Extension Seminar at which it will present success stories alongside several of its customers.