Approval granted for wind farm at Bosnia Herzegovina

Government of Bosnia Herzegovina’s Zapadna Hercegovina Canton has accepted the report of the Commission for Concessions of ZH Canton on the implemented procedures for granting concessions for the construction of: 1. wind farm at the site “Skradimovac” in the Municipality of Glamoc, and 2. solar parks for production electricity at the sites of Caic, Bila (Brda) and Golinjevo-Misi (Tusnica), in the Municipality of Livno Bosnia Herzegovina, and has authorized the relevant ministry to sign the concession contract with the companies WBL CITY PROJECT Ltd. Banja Luka and SOLBUS Ltd. Livno.Co-owner of the company ‘ WBL CITY PROJECT Ltd. Banja Luke is the Austrian firm AMSM-Bau GesmbH, while the SOLBUS Ltd. Livno is the part of the Chinese company of Hareon Solar Technology Co.
The value of the construction of a wind farm project is about 140 million EUR, and the construction of a solar park is about 500 million EUR.