German Ecap Solution to build five solar power plants in Kazakhstan

German Ecap Solution will build five solar power plants in Kazakh’s Zhambyl region in 2014- 2016, the regional authorities’ web site reported on Jan. 22.

The investor plans to start construction of one solar power plant in the region’s Zhualynskiy area in 2014 and launch it in 2015, other three solar power plant will be built in 2015 and two more in 2016.

The capacity of each of new solar power plant will hit 50 MW.

This issue was discussed at the meeting of Zhambyl region’s head, Karim Kokrekbaev with representatives of several foreign companies working in the field of renewable energy. These included Strand Partners, United Green Group, Ecap Solution, and some Kazakh companies.

In particular the parties discussed the possibility of implementing a project to create 300 MW solar power capacity in the Zhambyl region.

Kokrekbaev noted that innovative projects in the field of renewable energy are very important since Kazakhstan will hold an international exhibition EXPO in 2017.