Wind power for humans and wildlife

Wind turbines, an excellent source of renewable energy, are better for the environment but bad news for wildlife.

Although they are noisy and aesthetically unpleasing, wind power is gaining prominence as one of the best forms of renewable energy. Studies suggest that a large wind turbine can generate enough energy to power 600 US homes.

In addition, wind power has the potential to provide 20 times more energy than what the entire human population needs. As new technology advances the cost of wind turbines is decreasing, and are expected to keep decreasing. Furthermore the maintenance costs associated with wind power is low.

Despite the outstanding potential of wind turbines, there are still some considerable drawbacks. A recent article reported that towers and spinning blades kill thousands of birds and bats on the Altamont Pass east of Livermore each year. Independent researcher Shawn Smallwood, head of ongoing mortality surveys in the Sand Hill area and other parts of the Altamont, estimates 10,000 birds are killed each year. Smallwood argues that