Wind Turbines and Birds

Wind Turbines are known to kill birds, some claim by the thousands. Europe has a thousand wind turbines, are appreciated for their clean energy, and they still have tons of birds. I don’t think German and Spanish birds are smarter than ours. Same goes for Canada’s turbine farms just across Lake Erie from Port Clinton.

It may come as a surprise that autos and trucks here kill well over 80,000 birds a year; yes eagles and song birds included. It also may come as a real surprise to some that outdoor cats kill an estimated 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds annually here in the USA. Should we ban autos, trucks, airplanes, high tension & radio towers, wires, turbines and all the rest of tall man-made structures?

Electricity for my home or cat killings at my bird feeder, you make the decision!

I happen to like both.

Ken Benjamin
Port Clinton