Acciona has been awarded the supply of wind turbines of a 102 MW wind power project in Canada

The South Canoe wind farm (102 MW) project for the province of Nova Scotia will consist of thirty-four 3 MW ACCIONA Windpower turbines

ACCIONA has signed a contract to supply the 34 turbines for a 102 MW wind farm in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It will carry out the construction, internal electrical infrastructures and assembly and will also undertake the operation and maintenance of the facility.

The South Canoe wind farm – will be the largest in Nova Scotia – has been developed by three local companies: Oxford Frozen Foods, Minas Basin Pulp and Power and the utility company Nova Scotia Power, to which the power generated will be sold. It will incorporate AW3000/116 turbines of ACCIONA Windpower technology, each with a capacity of 3 MW, hub height of 92m, and a rotor diameter of 116 metres.

The facility will supply electricity equivalent to the consumption of 32,000 homes and will help the province of Nova Scotia, on the eastern seaboard of Canada, to reach its renewable energy targets.

“A full range of wind power services”

“ACCIONA was able to deliver what the South Canoe Project team asked for; a complete solution including highly-reliable and high-capacity turbines, construction services and operations and maintenance”, says Ilya Hartmann, CEO of ACCIONA Energy North America. “We’re pleased to apply our full range of wind energy services to provide the best value for this project.”

The supply of wind turbines was awarded to ACCIONA following a rigorous selection process and a detailed analysis of its experience in the sector. ACCIONA Windpower North America CEO Enrique Teruel says the company “is proud to be part of the South Canoe Wind Project and to continue expanding the track record of our AW3000 turbine in North America”.

Almost 1,500 MW in orders for the AW 3000

To date, orders for the AW3000 range amounts 1,491 MW; the machines are destined for wind farms in nine different countries. Near half this figure corresponds to wind farms in North America, and 78% of the total capacity will be supplied to customers outside the ACCIONA Group.

ACCIONA Windpower’s wind turbines come with four rotor diameter options: 100, 109, 116 and 125 meters, depending on the wind potential at each site, and are mounted on steel and concrete towers with a height of between 87.5 and 140 meters.

Third project with AW turbines in Canada

South Canoe will be the third wind farm incorporating ACCIONA Windpower turbines in Canada’s Maritime Provinces.

The ACCIONA Group subsidiary signed a contract for the supply of AW3000/116 turbines for a 30 MW wind farm on Prince Edward Island, which is currently in the assembly phase. The 45 MW Lam