Positive 2013 in Wind Power for Enel Green Power

In 2013 Enel Green Power’s wind power underwent extraordinary growth, with a 633 megawatt increase in installed capacity, the signing of funding agreements and the opening of a number of new work sites.

Over the course of 2013 Enel Green Power has seen its wind power technology become even more of an international benchmark, with plants under construction and investment in plant development, while the business moved into new markets and grew consistently.

With an installed capacity of 4.9 gigawatts in Europe and the Americas, EGP is a global leader in the development of wind power. Over the past year it has grid-connected 633 megawatts of capacity across Europe, North America and Latin America, and by 2017 it aims to reach 7.2GW.

Important agreements have also been signed with banks and institutional stakeholders, with the most recent one being with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and involving €200million of funding for the construction of a number of wind farms in Romania. In 2013 an equity partnership agreement between EGP and EFS Buffalo Dunes, a subsidiary of GE Capital, was also completed for the development of the Buffalo Dunes wind farm, as was a deal to purchase a further 26 percent of class A shares of the Chisholm View Wind Project from EFS Chisholm, LLC another subsidiary of GE Capital.

EGP’s growth in Latin America has also been remarkable. Recently the Group has focused its activities on Chile, where it won the right to sign multi-year energy supply contracts which also include the construction of a new wind farm with an installed capacity of more than 120MW, which will be put into service in the second quarter of 2015.

In North America, EGP began the construction of the 150MW Origin project, in the Murray and Carter counties of Oklahoma, while in Mexico work sites for the new Sureste I-Phase II (102MW) wind farm were opened, and over the next few months the construction of the new 100MW Dominica wind farm will begin in the State of San Luis Potosí.

One of the most important achievements in 2013 was that it moved into the South African market, as was in line with the 2013-2017 business plan, with the two Gibson Bay and Cookhouse wind farms, located in areas of the Eastern Cape province with very strong winds.


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