India can lead in harnessing solar power and wind energy

Dr Ignacio Campino says India can lead the way in harnessing non-conventional energy sources, stressing “new solutions” to resolve environmental issues.

The director of Hamburg-based Desertec Foundation, Campino spoke to Srinand Jha on the sidelines of the HT Leadership Summit.


Your focus has been on using desert areas as an energy resource.

Quite true. 1% of solar energy generated in desert areas can meet the energy requirements of the entire mankind. There is a huge potential in this area.

How do you look at the recent initiatives of the Indian government to harness non-conventional energy?

India can actually lead in harnessing solar and wind energy.

The conventional energy lobby is powerful and big – said to be a $300-trillion business. There are also cultural issues involved in changing people’s mindsets and persuading them to use of renewable energy sources