Concentrated Solar Power

First tower-type concentrated solar power plant in China

The first tower-type solar thermal experimental power plant, under independent intellectual property rights in China, is ready to be connected to the power grid.

The CSP plant has an annual output of about 1.95 million kilowatt hours.

Launched in 2007 and finished in 2012, the plant, Badaling solar thermal experimental power plant, is in Yanqing county in Beijing and covers 19,200 square meters.

“Because there is no precedent in China, the project was started without any technical parameters and design specifications. The design of the heliostat, for example, was finalized after four generations’ research,” said Ma Guangcheng, the head of the plant.

Compared with a traditional thermal power plant, the concentrated solar power plant can save 663 tons of coal equivalent annually and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 2,336.6 tons, sulfur dioxide by 17.5 tons, nitric oxide by 7.8 tons and dust particle by 136.3 tons, Ma said.

The plant is also the biggest tower-type solar thermal power plant in Asia.