Geothermal and wind energy in Armenia

According to preliminary data, wind energy potential makes 5,000 megawatts in Armenia.

There is much potential of geothermal energy in Armenia. This potential amounts to 250 megawatts (25% of electricity consumed in Armenia) in Aragatsotn province, the deputy head of Pure Energy NGO Hayk Khachatrian told Their NGO participated in the 6th DigiTec business forum held in Yerevan recently.
According to H. Khachatrian, the geothermal potential of Aragatsotn province has been studied, but there are also geothermal springs in Syunik. He explained that geothermal energy is generated from hot underground water that occurs in deep strata (6 thousand meters deep) so it is necessary to drill wells in order to pump hot water.
As regards water resources in Ararat province, Hayk Khachatrian said studies are needed to determine their temperature and the depth of their wells.