Middle East Emerging As Solar Energy Investment Hub

Middle East countries, due to their arid climatic conditions, enjoy a great deal of sunlight throughout the year.

The solar potential of the Middle East countries is supposed to be one of the highest in the world. Middle East is a rainless region which experiences clear skies for 80% of the year, thus, continuous solar radiation for a major part of the year.

The solar radiation that the GCC region receives is enough to encourage the photovoltaic and concentrating solar power industries in the region. This gives two options of generating electricity through the solar energy, ample amounts of which are available and can be exploited thoroughly. As the region is moving towards renewable energy, solar power is being deemed as the top renewable source which will be exploited for power production. The results of the solar radiation studies have encouraged more and more investment in the sector.

The average solar radiation of the Middle East countries is among the highest in the world. The region receives maximum solar energy from April to August before falling down. Even in the months preceding and succeeding these, the solar radiation is quite strong. In all, the Middle East region receives considerable solar energy for eight months of a year, March through October.