TuuliSaimaa deploy ZephIR lidar during construction of wind farm

TuuliSaimaa develop wind farms in Finland and have been working with ZephIR lidar systems over many years. This novel application sees the company using ZephIR 300, the industry leading wind lidar, to monitor wind speed at the ‘under construction’ 21 MW Muukko wind farm in an area approximately 8 kilometres east of the city of Lappeenranta in Finland.

ZephIR 300 provides wind measurements up to 200 metres from installed level and importantly down to just 10 metres providing TuuliSaimaa with the confidence required on all operational decisions regarding the safe lifting of turbine components during the site’s construction.

Consented in 2011, the Muukko project began construction in summer 2012 and ZephIR has supported all works with the wind farm now nearing completion.

TuuliSaimaa purchased their ZephIR 300 due to the high flexibility in operations available – the company have used ZephIR in a number of other applications already including long and short term wind resource assessment.

Juha Tuominen, Managing Director of TuuliMuukko commented: “ZephIR 300 is easy to transport, install and rapidly begin measuring wind conditions on site, and in real time. This allows us to make vital operational decisions during the construction of our wind farms ensuring safety for all on site. Real time monitoring on-site and measuring down to just 10 metres from ground level are the key advantages as lifts can be monitored at all stages.”

Aapo Koivuniemi, Development Manager at TuuliSaimaa continues: “We’ve used our ZephIRs in many different applications, both long-term wind resource assessments and shorter campaigns. Swift, low cost deployment and ability to perform in snowy and cold conditions are key benefits of the ZephIR.”

On the announcement, Ian Locker, Managing Director at Zephir Ltd. commented: “We are pleased to see this novel application of ZephIR being used on projects, ensuring construction of wind farms can continue safely by informing key decision makers with real time wind data. ZephIR 300 has been used across a range of applications by TuuliSaimaa and we continue to work closely with them supporting their wind lidar and project aspirations.”