Gamesa joins the

  • The campaign’s goal is for the public, companies and institutions to use energy more efficiently in order to reduce CO2 emissions

Gamesa is set to observe “Earth Hour” for another year, as part of a WWF-led initiative begun in 2007 in Australia in which the public, companies and institutions are invited to turn out all the lights on 23 March at 8:30 pm. The campaign’s goal is to promote efficient energy use in order to reduce CO2 emissions and safeguard the environment, according to organisers.

More than 7,000 cities in 150 countries left their most famous monuments and landmarks in the dark in 2012. This symbolic gesture is intended to forge a deeper commitment to efficient use of energy among the public and institutions the rest of the year and in all of their decisions, from the temperature at which air conditioning thermostats are set to the use of public transport.

As for Gamesa, it will turn off all the lights in its buildings in Zamudio, Pamplona and Madrid, and the company invites its employees to join this event wherever they are and to make a commitment to the planet throughout the year by taking steps as simple as turning off their computer every day and not turning on more lights than needed.this section of the WWF website.