Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in Saudi Arabia

DESERTEC Foundation endorses DESERTEC Power for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

DESERTEC Power was established to advance the energy supply in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This follows the direction of the Kingdom to significantly increase the sustainable power generation from renewable energy sources with viable, feasible, efficient, and sustainable solutions that address the current and forthcoming needs in the country.

It is endorsed by the German DESERTEC Foundation and its anticipated merits are welcome by experts at Saudi Arabian KA-CARE.

Acting as a regional facilitator DESERTEC Power addresses the in-kingdom needs for both renewable energy and desalinated water production. Lead by Supervisory Board Chairman Dr. Ahmed Al-Malik, former Vice Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, its activities will include the planning, realization, ownership, and likely the operation of renewable power plants as well as associated matters of education and employment.

DESERTEC Power is supported by the DESERTEC Foundation, which will provide the conceptual framework, thereby collaborating closely with Saudi experts from science, industry, and public sector. Dr. Thiemo Gropp, Director of the DESERTEC Foundation: