BBC’s Gethin Jones launches appeal for Renewable World

EWEA works with Renewable World, a charity that leverages funds, expertise and resources from the global renewable energy industry to tackle poverty through renewable energy in poor, remote, off-grid communities where financial or geographical barriers prevent private sector solutions being effective.

Access to affordable and reliable energy services is critical in empowering poor people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Renewable World works with a range of organisations to ensure renewable energy services sustainably improve health, education and income generating opportunities in poor communities in our programme countries.

Right now, Renewable World is featured on the BBC’s Lifeline programme. The BBC Lifeline Appeal focuses on Renewable World’s work in Nepal.

There, the renewable energy water pumping services established by Renewable World helps farmers to progress from battling to survive to trading, making a profit and working their way out of poverty.

Clean lighting help youngsters go to school, study in the evenings and spend more time with their families.

The charity has constructed a biogas plant in a Nepalese community which will provide clean energy for cooking so women there will no longer need to risk their lives collecting and burning wood. “No more will we have to inhale smoke. All we have to do is light a match and the gas stove is on which is so good for us,” said Sita, a Nepalese woman.

Visit the BBC Lifeline website to find out more about the work in Nepal, and read BBC presenter Gethin Jones’s appeal for donations to this good cause. Videos may be for UK viewers only. Donations can be made until 16 March.