Smart Energy: Five Metatrends to Watch in 2013 and Beyond

The Smart Energy paradigm is fast evolving from niche markets into a standardized part of the global energy portfolio.  Oil majors, national governments, and technology developers have all reached the consensus that a more diversified energy mix is critical to sustainable economic growth in the future.  As a result of this development, combined with the almost inexorable shift toward an electron-based economy, a range of new energy sources and advanced energy technologies has entered the market and started to post healthy revenue.

This white paper identifies five emerging metratrends that will have an increasing impact in 2013 and beyond.  The five smart energy metatrends that Pike Research has identified for 2013 are:

  • Energy is becoming increasingly democratized
  • The role of government innovation funds is changing
  • Technologies are converging
  • The Southern African Power Pool is becoming the new BRIC
  • The role of utilities is changing

This white paper outlines key trends affecting the development of Smart Energy industries worldwide, the specific market impacts of these trends in 2013, and the longer-term impact of these emerging developments.  Analysis and conclusions in this paper are drawn from the firm’s ongoing Smart Energy research coverage, with forecasts included for key market sectors.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What are the emerging geographic markets for smart energy?
  • Why is the democratization of energy important and what will be the impact on energy markets?
  • Who is picking up the slack from the exit of the private equity market in early stage innovation funding?
  • How is the role of utilities changing in the new smart energy paradigm?