Enel Green Power Produces 103 GWh in One Day

On January 16, EGP’s plants reached a renewable energy production peak of 103GWh, a number equivalent to the daily needs of 13.5 million Italian households or the demand of a country like Peru – a huge achievement.

Wednesday 16 January 2013 was a historic day for Enel Green Power: for the first time it reached a production peak of 103GWh of renewable electricity. Across 16 countries its plants generated enough renewable energy to meet the daily needs of 13.5 million Italian households or satisfy the daily demand of a country like Peru.

‘This is an important achievement which has been accomplished thanks to the contribution of every element of the company and illustrates the lengths that it is going to in order to grow in terms of both quantity and quality of installed capacity, as well as reaching extremely high standards of operational efficiency,’ said EGP CEO Francesco Starace.

Breaking the 100GWh threshold ‘allows us to effectively demonstrate the efforts of those who in the first nine months of 2012 enabled us to add more than 1,100MW to our existing renewable energy installed capacity,’ he added.

EGP’s figures for the first three quarters of 2012 show an overall capacity that reached around 7,700 MW, a 17 per cent increase compared with the previous year.

Starace concluded by saying that reaching 103GWh ‘is only one day of activity, but it’s significant because it’s the result of shrewd selection of projects, of the continual improvement of engineering procedures that engage hundreds of employees all over the world and of a scientific and innovative approach to plant operations and maintenance, the best in the sector.’