Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure

Pike Research Senior Research Analyst Dave Hurst will participate in the following discussion: Overview and Forecast for the EV Battery Market and What it Means for EV Sales at 8:45 am on Wednesday.

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The Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Summit is the second major event of its kind in Canada, bringing together top thought leaders from around the globe to share practical strategies on implementing electric vehicles into sustainable transportation mandates.

This prestigious summit provides an exceptional learning opportunity for stakeholders involved in electric vehicle deployment to build knowledge and enhance decision-making. In an exclusive setting, EV practitioners across Canada connect with their peers in a rare opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices, and insights.


The Current State and Outlook of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric vehicles have gained significant attention in the past year of initial rollout. The progress and feedback in 2012 will play an important role in future planning. Gain a clear vision of where Canada is in EV infrastructure development and how this will impact your future strategy. This session will address:

  • The state of electric vehicle infrastructure in Canada
  • Current top challenges in EV network development
  • What the new opportunities are for different stakeholders
  • Where electric vehicle infrastructure will be in the next three to five years

Arm yourself with critical information to guide your strategy and planning.

Cara Clairman, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Cara Clairman,

President and CEO,

Plug’nDrive Ontario

9:30 AM

Case Study: City of Oslo (Norway)

Establishing a Comprehensive Incentive Scheme to Foster EV Uptake

The City of Oslo is a very successful early adopter and world leader in EV usage, with the highest EV ownership per capita in the world. Model your strategy on creating the policies, incentives, and consumer information needed to encourage consumer uptake. Hear about Oslo’s experience and learn how you can:

  • Evaluate consumer feedback to identify incentives with greatest impact
  • Strengthen the EV early adopters’ community
  • Raise awareness and ensure high visibility of EVs
  • Create and maintain a robust charging network
  • Establish fast charging schemes

Emulate Oslo’s EV success in creating the right incentives for EV adoption.

Marianne Molmen, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Marianne Molmen,

Senior Executive Officer, Section Traffic Planning, Agency for Urban Environment,

City of Oslo, Norway

10:15 AM

Mid-Morning Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. Secure new contacts and discuss your ideas!

10:45 AM

Case Study: City of London, UK

Advancing EV Infrastructure through Cross-Sector Collaborations to Improve Charge Point Access

In its commitment to become the EV capital of Europe and provide every Londoner reasonable access to charging points, the City of London has been very active in expanding its charging network. Gain insights to improve your city’s EV network:

  • Forging strategic partnerships to expand charging networks
  • Building on the legacy of the Green Olympic Network
  • Their findings on public charging usage and lessons learned for future network planning

Emulate London’s success in EV infrastructure through continued collaboration efforts.

Sean Conroy, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Sean Conroy,

Senior Stakeholder and Partnerships Manager,

Transport for London

11:30 AM

Case Study: Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Advancing EV Infrastructure Deployment Through Strategic Initiatives and Regional Alignment

Bay Area has been very active in providing adequate charging infrastructure for EV adopters. From home charging to DC fast chargers, learn how Bay Area advanced their vision in becoming the EV capital of the United States and apply their strategies to EV infrastructure deployment in your city.

  • Overview of the EV landscape in San Francisco
  • Planning process to get local governments ready for current and future PEV deployment
  • How EV deployment will help the region to achieve its greenhouse gas goals
  • Future plans for Bay Area’s EV Charging network

Take away key lessons from Bay Area’s leading efforts and devise a step-by-step EV deployment strategy plan for your city.

Jack Broadbent, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Jack Broadbent,

Chief Executive Officer/ Air Pollution Control Officer,

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

12:15 PM

Networking Luncheon

Join the conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

1:30 PM

Case Study: PowerStream

Optimizing EV Loads Through Smart Charging and Exploring the Future of Vehicle-to-Home Technology

Electric vehicles offer new opportunities in providing cost-effective ways to control EV loads on the distribution system. Learn how you can take advantage of the latest developments in smart charging and the future applications of V2H technology. In this session, you will gain crucial insights on:

  • Ensuring optimization of EV loads through smart charging technology
  • Leveraging EVs as a peak-shaving capacity
  • Expanding energy storage capacity in future energy plans

Assess the current applications of load control and explore the exciting possibilities in future technologies.

Martin Rovers, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Martin Rovers,

Senior Advisor, Smart Grid,


2:15 PM

Home Charging

Residential Integration of EV Charging – Single Family and Multi-Residential Challenges

Single family residents are concerned with the cost of installing hardware, forgetting to charge, time of day electrical rates, and safety. Apartment and condo dwellers first need to navigate the installation process before considering an EV purchase, complicating uptake into the key EV domain – the urban environment. Take away key strategies on:

  • Expectations in building and retrofitting condos for EVs
  • Getting residential buildings plug-in ready
  • Transferring EV awareness to home builders

Identify key issues to be addressed in building home charging infrastructure and understand its implications for developers.

Lorne Hedges, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Lorne Hedges,

National Residential Business Development Manager,

Schneider Electric

3:00 PM

Mid-Afternoon Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

3:30 PM

Nissan LEAF’s First Canadian Consumer

A Consumer’s Perspective: The Experiences and Insights of an EV Owner

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly gathering a lot of interest in Canada, yet many are still hesitant due to the lack of information in the actual ownership and operation of a fully electric vehicle. In this session, you will gain actionable insights from an EV owner on:

  • Performance, costs, experiences, and anxieties
  • Major difficulties encountered and major surprises
  • Notable differences between EV and conventional driving
  • The need for charging infrastructure
  • The outlook for driving EVs in Canada

Hear all about the practical experiences of owning and driving an EV 22,000 kms per year in the National Capital Region.

Ricardo Borba, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Ricardo Borba,

Software Engineer,

IBM Canada;

Owner of the first Nissan LEAF in Canada

4:15 PM

Technology Overview: Latest Developments in Electric Vehicles

Fleet managers are encouraged to attend this session to learn about the many new models of hybrid and electric vehicles coming into the market in 2013 and beyond.  Choices are growing and prices are coming down.  Hear about the expanding EV charging station network.

  • Different available and upcoming makes and models of PEVs
  • Provincial incentives for PEV purchases
  • Results of Electric Mobility Canada’s PEV Readiness Working Group for municipalities and utilities
  • Expansion of Canada’s public charging station infrastructure
Chris Hill

Chris Hill,

President & CEO,

Electric Mobility Canada

5:00 PM

Evening Social Activities

Network with industry leaders and stakeholders while enjoying some of the best Toronto has to offer. Start by joining fellow delegates and speakers for complimentary appetizers.


DAY TWO Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

Opening Comments From the Chair

8:45 AM

Pike Research

Overview and Forecast for the EV Battery Market and What it Means for EV Sales

The advancement of battery technology is one of the key enablers for wider adoption of electric vehicles in the mass market. In this session, hear from Pike Research on the current market for EV batteries and the anticipated growth in the EV market as a whole. Key topics include:

  • Forecasted transportation market EV Battery capacity
  • EV Battery sales by segment
  • EV Battery prices
  • Plug-in electric vehicles sales forecasts
  • Consumer expectations in plug-in vehicle sales prices

Take away key insights on the current and anticipated trends in EV batteries and how it affects the overall EV market.

Dave Hurst, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Dave Hurst,

Senior Research Analyst,

Pike Research

9:30 AM

Canadian Electricity Association

Exploring Effective Policy Measures to Support EV Deployment and Encourage Uptake

Policies play a fundamental role in enabling the ease of using and owning an electric vehicle. What are the measures that have shown the most pronounced effects? This session will examine the utility-related policy issues surrounding EVs and provide critical insights on:

  • Policy and regulatory tools for enabling utility participation in EV market development
  • Strengthening partnerships and collaborations to stimulate uptake in focus areas
  • Ensuring that policy actions support both public and private EV deployment
  • Review of possible EV charging station business models

Take away best practices in providing high-level support for EVs in your region.

Jim Burpee,

President & CEO,

Canadian Electricity Association

10:15 AM

Mid-Morning Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. Secure new contacts and discuss your ideas!

10:45 AM

Case Study: City of Vancouver

Charge and Go Vancouver: Challenges and Opportunities

The City of Vancouver has recently launched a pilot project, “Charge and Go Vancouver”, that aims to accelerate EV adoption through expanding the charging network. Hear how this exciting project will help Vancouver move forward in creating and promoting sustainable transportation options in the local community.

  • How City policies and pilot programs can support the business of public charging
  • How EV network expansion fits into the City’s long-term planning strategy
  • Integrating EV planning into City operations
  • Ensuring current and future EV owners will be fully supported with sufficient charging options
  • Evaluating the costs and locations for public charging stations

Emulate Vancouver’s success in overcoming the barriers to EV adoption through effective charging network locations and expansion.

Malcolm Shield, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Malcolm Shield,

Climate Programs Engineer, Sustainability Group,

City of Vancouver

11:30 AM

Case Study: Plug In BC

Building Incentives to Expand the EV Charging Network and Support Local Planning

The Province of BC has recently launched a $2.7 million Community Charging Infrastructure Fund to build a BC-wide charging network through planning and building public and private charging stations. Take away key insights on how you can:

  • Kick-start a province-wide network of EV infrastructure
  • Bring EV infrastructure planning into regional operations
  • Leverage provincial and local collaboration efforts to mainstream EV infrastructure planning

Be inspired by BC’s exciting progress and future plans and apply new ideas to support your city’s EV infrastructure.

Charlotte Argue, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Charlotte Argue,

Assistant Manager, Climate Change & Air Quality,

Fraser Basin Council (Green Fleets BC)

12:15 PM

Networking Luncheon

Join the conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

1:30 PM

Charging Up for an Electric Vehicle Future

In British Columbia, 93 percent of electricity comes from clean or renewable resources, therefore plug-in electric vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. In this session, gain crucial insights on:

  • Load conditions based on various EV adoption scenarios
  • Charging infrastructure guidelines and building codes to support the arrival of electric vehicles
  • Utilizing charging stations and revenue-grade metering technology to collect, measure, and deliver metering data

Hear about how the above components will satisfy a utility’s need for reliable vehicle charging, measurement of energy used as vehicle fuel, demand response capabilities, and flexible control of charging behavior.

Stephen Johnson, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Stephen Johnson,

Product Line Manager, Consumer Engagement,


2:15 PM

Case Study: Manitoba Electric Battery Bus Project

Moving Forward with a Green Economy Through the Development and Integration of Electric Vehicles

The integration of electric vehicles has the potential to greatly improve a city’s economic sustainability through reduced energy dependence and greater grid utilization. Learn from this first-of-its-kind project on how you can capitalize on green sector development for surrounding regions:

  • Modeling the potential impact of public charging and studies done in location selection
  • Developing a charging system for electric buses
  • How electric vehicles contribute to a green economy
  • Exploring the future of integrating renewable energy into public transportation

Come away with strategies to build the case for electric buses.

Ray Hoemsen, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Speaker

Ray Hoemsen,

Director of Applied Research and Commercialization,

Red River College

Dale Friesen, P.Eng. (Tentative),

Division Manager, Industrial & Commercial Solutions Division,

Manitoba Hydro Electric Board

3:00 PM

Mid-Afternoon Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

3:30 PM

Case Study: City of Toronto

Implementing On-Street Charging Stations to Accommodate Growing EV Uptake

The City of Toronto’s latest curbside-charging pilot is a valuable indicator for implementing such infrastructure on a wider scale. Hear how you can leverage this vital piece in the expansion of your city’s EV network. In this session, learn how your city can:

  • Choose the best business model for curbside charging
  • Overcome technical and regulatory challenges
  • Ensure high utilization through location mapping and consumer engagement

Gain critical insights on how your city can effectively implement on-street charging stations.

Nazzareno Capano,

Acting Director, Transportation Infrastructure Management,

City of Toronto

4:15 PM

Peer-to-Peer Session

How to Overcome Key Barriers and Exploring the Future Vision for Electric Vehicles

The perspectives and experiences of individual delegates, along with the insights of speakers over the past two days, will be brought together for this exclusive exchange on strategies that worked and those that have not. Conference delegates will focus on two questions:

  • What are the key strategies and technology developments that will affect EV implementation?
  • What are your plans to overcome the current barriers in EV adoption?

Take away valuable lessons from your peers in this unique interactive session.