WWEA supports Israel and the Israeli Wind Energy Association in its work of structuring the wind market

The Middle East countries offer excellent opportunities for harvesting domestic and environmental-friendly wind power.

In particular Israel, blessed with renewable energy resources, has recently made important steps for a substantial growth of wind power utilization within the country.

The Israeli Wind Energy market is now well on track, as the Inter-Ministry committee has published a request for proposals for the allocation of land for wind farms, due on 20 January 2013.

The work of the Inter-Ministry committee, along with efforts of setting up the zoning regulations by the ministry of interior, and the availability of a feed-in tariff, all pave the way for the wind market of Israel to emerge.

WWEA President He Dexin: “WWEA trusts the potential of wind energy in Israel and the region to be substantial. We congratulate the country on the important decisions that have already been taken and we are willing to provide our support to the country as well as to our member, the Israeli Wind Energy Association, in their efforts in structuring the local market.”

Gadi Hareli, CEO of the Israeli Wind Energy Association: “Today, there are over 2’000 MW of accumulated requests for wind farms in Israel that will need to be processed by the authorities in the near future. The Israel Wind Energy Conference which will take place in Tel-Aviv on 29 January, with local and international participants, will be an excellent opportunity to explore this new emerging market.”