Wind energy in Israel

Eleven wind turbines, which use wind to power electrical generators, will be built in northern Israel, and will produce ten megawatts of power.

The wind turbines will be built by an Israeli company called Epcon, which has been granted a license to produce the power by the Electrical Authority.

The wind turbines will be set up north of Nachal Tabor, overlooking the Jordan Valley, on land belonging to Kibbutz Degania.

The wind turbines, which will have a diameter of 58 meters, will be built on posts 44 meters above ground.

The site was chosen because it consistently has strong winds, company officials said.

Wind turbines on the Golan -- Is oil next?

In addition to the wind farm, the Electrical Authority granted seven licenses Tuesday to companies for production of electricity from solar energy. The licensees will set up photovoltaic electrical generation sites in a number of areas of the country, mostly in the south. The sites are expected to begin producing power by the end of 2013.