The first wind farm featuring high-yield ECO 110 wind turbines has been inaugurated in Brittany, France

In service since September 2012, the Landes de Couesmé wind farm (Morbihan), in France has been inaugurated today in the presence of GDF SUEZ Vice-Chairman and President Jean-François Cirelli, GDF SUEZ Vice-Managing Director Henri Ducré, Eole Generation Managing Director Claude Midi and Alstom Renewable Power President Jerome Pécresse. This inauguration follows the signing of a contract between Alstom and Eole Generation GDF SUEZ Group subsidiary and owner of the wind farm, in March 2011 for the assembly, delivery and installation of eleven ECO 110 wind turbines. In addition Alstom will also conduct operation and maintenance at the Landes de Couesmé wind farm for five years.

The Landes de Couesmé farm features eleven ECO 110 onshore wind turbines which deliver 3 MW in nominal power. It is the first wind farm in France using this type of turbine. Towering at 145 metres(1) and with a 110-metre-diameter rotor, the ECO 110 wind turbine provides a high yield in average winds (class II).

This turbine is designed especially for densely populated areas, where there is limited space. With an increased power yield compared to the other models, the ECO 110 limits the environmental impact, for example an equivalent project with 2 MW turbines would require an additional 5 wind turbines to generate the same amount of power. The wind farm of Landes de Couesmé will produce enough power to supply the energy consumption per year of 37,500 people.

The ECO 110 is equipped with Alstom pure Torque technology which protects the transmission chain by diverting unwanted stresses from the wind to the turbine’s tower and thereby optimising performance.

Exclusively developed by Alstom and deployed throughout its entire range of wind turbines, this technology increases the reliability and durability of each turbine. In addition, the nacelle’s specific design made up of three independent elements and of large dimensions, facilitates maintenance operations and safety inside of the machine.

Alstom’ activities in wind power generation 

With thirty years of experience in wind power, Alstom provides global energy solutions, from developing, designing and setting up wind farms to supplying and maintaining wind turbines. The company designs, manufactures, installs and operates onshore and offshore wind turbines ranging from 1.67MW to 6MW, providing solutions for the most challenging geographical locations and weather conditions. Alstom is also active in the offshore wind market: it is currently building Haliade 150, the first new-generation offshore wind turbine, with an output of 6 MW. To date the group has installed or is installing more than 2,300 wind turbines in over 130 wind farm projects with a total capacity of more than 3,200 MW. The group has supplied 20 wind farm projects in France with a total output of more than 250 MW. In addition, the company is in the process of developing more than 1 250 MW worth of wind power schemes across France, Belgium and Africa.